The space

My offices are located in the leafy suburb of Glenwood. My rooms are surrounded by greenery and offer a tranquil setting in which to focus on healing and health. I have a waiting room, consultation room for adults/teens, and a play therapy room for children. 

This is my consultation room where I treat teens and adults. This space offers a tranquil setting that is surrounded by greenery which supports the healing process. I treat adults and teens who are struggling with a variety of issues. Issues such as depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, relationship problems, divorce, loss, grief, trauma etc.

This is my lovely play therapy room where I treat children and sometimes their families. It is a warm and inviting space for children. A space where they feel safe and happy to separate from their parents, to connect with me, to share their problems with me and for us to work through them together.

This is my waiting room where you are able to wait for your consultation or for your child while they are in a session with me. You are invited to help yourself to a drink before your consultation or while you wait for your child.